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​​Trade debt collection is the collecting of overdue payments from businesses that have failed to pay the money they owe for goods or services provided.

What is debt collection?

Overdue payments can seriously affect your business if not handled promptly and correctly. They can adversely affect cash flow, turnover, credit ratings and even your business' reputation. When these situations arise having an effective credit management strategy in place is essential in order to handle and escalate the problem.


A reliable third party debt collection agency is a common business practice when resolving late payments. Debt collection can be difficult, especially in overseas markets; it's always best to act quickly and with the help of trained and experienced collectors.

Euler Hermes Collections’ proven approach to collecting overdue commercial invoices results from many years of specialist debt recovery experience. Our primary aim is to secure full payment as quickly as possible while maintaining your relationship with your customer.

How does Euler Hermes debt collection work? 


Euler Hermes Collections offers a full trade debt collection service domestically and overseas. Over 500 experienced collectors maximize pre-legal debt collection via phone calls, emails and letters. Our international collection service is coordinated by our World Collection network of Euler Hermes offices and external providers. All client management and liaison is provided by your local Euler Hermes office.
Understand Debt Collection
Time is critical. The sooner we receive your debt details, the quicker we can start action. We make every effort to collect your overdue accounts pre-legally. However should the debt remain unpaid after amicable efforts are exhausted, legal action may be needed. If legal action does become necessary, we can offer advice and competitive legal fees from an initial review through to judgment and enforcement. We inform you of all costs up-front and only take action with your agreement.