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Meet our people

  • Madeleine
  • Olivier
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Madeleine Best

Head of Distribution United Kingdom t

Northern Europe

What attracted you to Euler Hermes?

I started at Euler Hermes immediately after leaving university so at first, if I am totally honest, I was bowled over by the office. I had rarely visited London and my first interview was held in the UK headquarters in the heart of Canary Wharf, at the time the tallest building in the city – to me it was all so glamourous!

Soon after I realized that Euler Hermes was an organization of incredible variety. Working for Euler Hermes allows you access to companies operating across a wide variety of countries, cultures and sectors. That was a big pull-factor for me.

What skills and experiences do you draw on in your role?

At university I studied economics and business but all the theory in the world could not prepare me for my first job which was servicing a portfolio of clients during the worst economic crisis in a lifetime!

These days I draw on the skills I have developed in my previous roles and the depth of experience held by my colleagues. I have been fortunate enough to work at each level within the organization, and I make sure not to forget those experiences throughout my day-to-day interactions.

What are your development and career perspectives within Euler Hermes?

I find that the key to enjoying a job is to learn new things. Once I’ve stopped learning new things then it is time for me to move on to a new challenge. This has dictated my career path over the past nine years and will continue to do so going forward.

What do you enjoy most about working with Euler Hermes?

The opportunities. For example, in 2011 I asked if Euler Hermes would fund me to complete a Master’s Degree at the London School of Economics under the Further Education Programme. They not only agreed but allowed me the flexibility to attend lectures within work hours. It took me a while to complete, two years of part-time study and a two-year hiatus while abroad, but I finally graduated in December 2015.

If you have worked in different countries, tell us about that experience.

Soon after starting at Euler Hermes I mentioned in a mentoring meeting that I would be keen to work abroad; six weeks later I started a secondment at our US headquarters in Baltimore. I soon got into the flow of working US-style and came home having had a fantastic summer.

My second experience abroad came with a three-year assignment to our head office in Paris. Audrey Hepburn once said “Paris is always a good idea” – she was right. Euler Hermes gave me support moving, finding a home and providing French lessons. During my time there I learned a huge amount but my French leaves a lot to be desired!

Olivier Daigremont

Human Resources Business Partner, World Agency

Paris headquarters, France

​What attracted you to Euler Hermes?

There were several things:
  • The industry, which was very interesting given my background in finance.
  • The roles and responsibilities of my first position when I started back in 2007.
  • The international aspect of the Euler Hermes Group and the connection with parent company Allianz, which together represent lots of potential career opportunities

​What skills and experiences do you draw on in your role?

In my current role as HR Business Partner, I draw heavily on my interpersonal skills and my capacity for building networks across the organization.

My leadership and adaptability skills allow me to implement HR policies and projects around the world, as well as to work successfully with local HR teams and to navigate the needs of different functions and cultures.

My communication skills permit me to manage relationships at all seniority levels and to implement change management.

What do you enjoy most about working at Euler Hermes?

  • The people: My colleagues are great people, very knowledgeable, and they share a common culture of cooperation and performance. Also, Euler Hermes values are very much aligned with my own, including cooperation, performance, and trust.
  • The opportunities: During my nine years at Euler Hermes I’ve already had three jobs, and I just started my fourth. Also, I recently had the fantastic experience of working abroad.
  • My work: I have a variety of tasks to accomplish, it’s never boring! I am empowered to propose new ideas and my Manager trusts me.

Describe Euler Hermes in 3 words

Expertise. Opportunities. Future.

What are your development and career perspectives within Euler Hermes?

I just took a new role, so I will probably stay for a while.

Looking forward, I can see different paths:
  • I would like to become the Manager of a bigger HR team, for example managing a team of several business partners
  • I would like to become HR Director of a Business Unit

  • Achieving this plan may require lateral moves towards other HR specialties like Compensation & Benefits for instance, at a Regional or a Group level.

    If you have worked in different countries, tell us about that experience.

    Recently I had the amazing opportunity to take a six-month assignment in the US. The experience was a great professional and personal challenge.

    The opportunity helped me develop my knowledge, share best practices, and most of all develop my self confidence. You are stepping out of your comfort zone which is quite difficult to handle at the beginning, but it is so rewarding.

    I met incredible people, made new friends, boosted my skills and knowledge. If asked to do it again, I would say yes right away!

    Andreas Klenk

    Key Account Manager Risk


    What attracted you to Euler Hermes?

    I became familiar with Euler Hermes in 2009 by chance. After a short time, the international environment, the professionalism of the colleagues and the good career opportunities convinced me that Euler Hermes is a very attractive employer.

    What skills and experiences do you draw on in your role?

    In my current role as Key Account Manager in Risk, it is important to find a good balance between client demands and Euler Hermes’ risk appetite. It is crucial to explain the reasons for a restrictive underwriting stance, when needed, especially for sensitive sectors and countries. Our clients need fast and professional advice, so it’s indispensable to take decisions quickly.

    What do you enjoy most about working with Euler Hermes?

    I appreciate the high level of authority that Euler Hermes provides their employees. We have a lot of projects, programs and initiatives so you always have the chance to contribute personally. And I enjoy working with colleagues from around the world.

    Describe Euler Hermes in 3 words

    Knowledge, people, business solutions.

    If you have worked in different countries, tell us about that experience.

    I was assigned to Euler Hermes Switzerland between October 2015 and March 2016. It was a great experience for me. The team size and open concept work environment led to a high level of interaction between departments and Euler Hermes and Allianz share a building, which also offered great opportunities for cooperation. I gained my first experience leading a team of four colleagues. In my leisure time, I took the chance to visit the mountains for hiking and snowboarding.

    Tomas Zapletal

    Senior Underwriter Bonding

    Northern Europe

    What attracted you to Euler Hermes?

    I spent the first five years of my career in credit insurance, initially in the Czech Republic and later in the UK.

    An opportunity came in 2008 to join Euler Hermes as a Bonding Underwriter. I liked the fact that the role would allow me to manage a number of clients from a commercial and also a risk perspective. Euler Hermes had a reputation (and still has) as being one of the best providers of bonding products. My previous experience working for the company, its leading role in this niche market and the international footprint helped me with my decision.

    What skills and experiences do you draw on in your role?

    My risk underwriting background has been very useful. So has my education, particularly my knowledge of accounting.

    As a commercial underwriter I am in a regular contact with clients so communication is very important in order to understand clients’ needs. I work in a small team and my role is to look after my clients’ requirements whilst developing new business opportunities, including large one-off deals often of a bespoke nature. Without the support of the team that would be difficult. So, teamworking skills are important.

    There is a wealth of personal development and training support at Euler Hermes. My favourite program was focused on presentation skills.

    What do you enjoy most about working with Euler Hermes?

    I like my job. Every day can be different, so it is not routine work. I can meet with existing and potential clients from all over the UK, deal with their requirements, and work on internal projects or new ideas to help clients.

    As our team is relatively small our contribution is visible, which is rewarding. The business is always looking for new ideas, products and solutions and we always get a lot of support to make good ideas work.

    Describe Euler Hermes in 3 words

    Successful, supportive, ambitious.

    What are your development and career perspectives within Euler Hermes?

    Having spent the last eight years in bonding I have learned a lot, and gained broad experience and skills. The bonding business is expanding geographically at Euler Hermes which presents many opportunities for people to progress. There are opportunities available for me to further my career, and I am already preparing for my next step within Euler Hermes.​​​​​​​​​​​​