We offer our employees a variety of on boarding programs, short term assignments to ensure a successful and rewarding career. ​​

First weeks at Euler Hermes

Onboarding will differ whether you are a senior manager or a graduate. But regardless of your experience the responsibility to drive your career is yours from the very beginning. Be demanding and pro-active.

A few suggestions:

  • Agree with your manager on a personalized induction plan (e.g. meetings with colleagues from other departments, clients, interaction with people from group/regions, spare time to read documents, articles, etc.).

  • With the help of your manager or HR business partner you may want to identify a buddy during the first 2 months.

  • Don’t stop asking (use a list and note down all questions to share with your manager during your weekly meetings).

  • Provide your manager with a summary “the view of an external” where you collect the points that you deem surprising, good or needing to improve.

The first few months are precious – make the best use of it!​

Functional onboarding​

Functional onboarding programs exist for our risk underwriters, commercial underwriters and salesforce and are delivered through multiple channels (on site training, e-learning, blended learning). These programs are designed so that all employees across the globe share the same concepts and the same vocabulary, meet the same quality standards and share best practices upon arrival.​