Dorota Ulatowska

Senior Group Risk Underwriter, Group

Paris headquarters, France

  • Masters in Finance and Banking, Poznan University of Economics, Poland, 2003

  • Jun 2015 - current - Senior Group Risk Underwriter, EH Group
  • Jan 2013 – Jun 2015 – Head of Risk Underwriting, ASEAN
  • Aug 2011 – Dec 2012 – Senior Risk Underwriter at EH ASEAN (Singapore)
  • Dec 2008 – Aug 2011 – Risk Underwriter at EH United Kingdom

What attracted you to Euler Hermes?

At the time I joined Euler Hermes I knew very little about trade credit insurance, but I liked the Risk Underwriter’s job profile. The combination of corporate credit analysis, macroeconomic knowledge, and direct client contact positions risk underwriters somewhere between risk and commercial roles. It gives you an opportunity to know the business from many angles.

What skills and experiences do you draw on in your role?

In my current role I continue to strengthen my technical expertise related to risk management. This includes supporting risk strategy and steering selected EH Regions through regular monitoring of performance KPIs, overseeing risk action plans or sharing best practices. I also manage large risk exposures, which due to their size and sensitivity require Group Risk’s attention. Group Risk underwriters act as an advisory body, hence you may say that we often “influence without authority”. This requires not only an in-depth understanding of the business, but also strong communication and negotiation skills.

What do you enjoy most about working with Euler Hermes?

I enjoy working in an international environment, which Euler Hermes provides. Also, being able to progress my career in different geographical locations is something I appreciate a lot.

Describe Euler Hermes in 3 words

Evolving. Reliable. Competitive.

What are your development and career perspectives within Euler Hermes?

I spent four years in Euler Hermes working as a risk underwriter and then three years as a head of risk underwriting. While I enjoyed being on the “front line” of the business, I realized that if I wanted to further progress my career in Euler Hermes, I needed to strengthen my strategic management skills and gain a better overview of our business from a global perspective. Working for Group Risk addresses these needs perfectly and prepares me for my next step, ideally in a senior management position in one of our 35 business units located across the world. ​​​​​​​​​​​​

If you have worked in different countries, tell us about that experience.

I moved with the company twice, from London to Singapore in 2011 and from Singapore to Paris in 2015. I saw both as opportunities to experience life in different countries and different cultures, as well as to gain a better understanding of our business in these regions. Across the world our business varies, and so does the risk attached to it.
Communication styles also differ from place to place, and mastering the understanding of these differences is crucial for working effectively in a global environment.