Georges Nitcheu

Risk Controller, North America

United States

  • Master degree in Finance and Actuarial Sciences

  • March 2011 – August 2013 EH Group, France, Risk controller
  • August 2013 – Now EH North America, USA, Risk controller

What attracted you to Euler Hermes?

At first it was not credit insurance because I didn’t really know what the business was. The fact that Euler Hermes was international but also really promoted international experiences was really appealing to me. I was interviewed by employees who had actually spent time in other countries and that spoke for itself.

What skills and experiences do you draw on in your role?

I joined Euler Hermes with some experience in actuarial sciences which helped prepare me for my role as Risk Controller, where I was directly involved in implementing regulation. This position requires strong analytical, problem solving, and database management skills. The ability to communicate is also vital as the job necessitates recurrent interactions with regulators and other departments. I have been able to capitalize on my skills and background, but also learn from my colleagues’.

What do you enjoy most about working with Euler Hermes?

The job opportunities. It is amazing how easy and quick it was to change positions and move to the United States. Moving across departments is just as easy, as some of my colleagues took that path without hurdles. Positions are open around the world and made available to anyone who qualifies.

Describe Euler Hermes in 3 words

International. Diverse. Opportunities.

What are your development and career perspectives within Euler Hermes?

Euler Hermes is really diverse when it comes to job opportunities. I am, of course, motivated by the idea of becoming a manager in my own field, but discovering other functions in other departments sounds appealing too. And because Euler Hermes is part of the Allianz group…opportunities are everywhere. ​​​​​​​​​​​​

If you have worked in different countries, tell us about that experience.

I have worked both in France and in the United States. It is really enriching to experience different ways of doing things, of approaching the same issues, of thinking… not to mention the culture and the people.
I really understood that even though we are all part of the same company, the culture factor is one of the elements which defines the differences between countries where Euler Hermes operates; differences that make Euler Hermes so diverse and enriching for those travelling.