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    2/23/2017 | Report
    Chemicals: Global Sector Report 2017
    ​ Changes in fossil fuels’ price impacting both feedstock costs and final product prices  R&D spending required for all chemical players to  shore up margins  Big players’ M&A activity remaining at a high level to secure current market shares Overcapacities in some industrial sectors w ...
  • 2/23/2017 - All Publication types
    WERO N°7: Greece, Germany, UK, US
    ​ ​U.S.: Consumption, manufacturing, and inflation all accelerate Recent data provide a strong start to 2017. Consum ...
  • 2/7/2017 - Report
    Textile: Global Sector Report 2017
    ​ Choosing the right distribution channel as fast fashion and e-habits are rising exponentially Ability to pass on p ...
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