• mountain
    6/29/2018 | Presentation
    Global Economic Outlook Q2 2018
    Economic Research presents its Q2 2018 Global Economic Outlook and regional updates (North America, Latin America, Asia, Africa, Eastern and Western Europe) 1. World GDP growth remains on a solid footing albeit being less synchronized Three shocks since Q1: stronger than expected yields, higher c ...
  • 6/14/2018 - Report
    Oil–Beyond Geopolitics
    ​ The peak may be behind us. A number of the drivers underlying recent oil price strength could diminish in strength ...
  • 6/14/2018 - Report
    Italy: Stress is here to stay
    ​ 88 days after the Italian parliamentary election, and an episode of exceptional financial market stress later, the ...
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  • ludovic-official
    Chronicles of Protectionism Foretold
    ​ After solar panels and dish washers, steel and aluminum, President Trump now wants to increase tariffs on Chinese drugs and robots, among others, for over USD60bn worth of imports. Volatility surged as concerns about a trade war resurfaced. On the campaign trail, the ...

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