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Weekly Export Risk Outlook



Our Weekly Export Risk Outlook (WERO), published every Wednesday, is a short knowledge product focusing on emerging risks and countries in the headlines.


​​OCTOBER ​19th ​Argentina, ​China, Eurozone, Ghana PDF_16x16

​12th BrazilGermanyGreeceUS PDF_16x16
​5th China, Emerging markets, UK, US PDF_16x16
​SEPTEMBER ​27th ​Eurozone, FranceTurkeyUS PDF_16x16
​​​ ​22nd ​EU, JapanRussiaUS PDF_16x16​​

​14th China, Eurozone, Turkey, Venezuela PDF_16x16

​07th ​Brazil, Italy, Emerging Markets, South Africa PDF_16x16​​
​​​​AUGUST ​31st US, UK, Spain, Kenya PDF_16x16
​​​​  ​24th Germany, Nigeria, Philippines, Mexico PDF_16x16
​​​​  ​18th ​Central & Eastern Europe, JapanRussiaSpain PDF_16x16
​​​JULY ​29th Brazil, Eurozone, ​FranceSouth Africa PDF_16x16

​20th ​​China,  Eurozone, TurkeyUS PDF_16x16

13rd RussiaSpain & PortugalUKU.S​ & Canada PDF_16x16
​06th ​UK, Emerging Marketes, Eurozone, U.S​ PDF_16x16
​​​​​JUNE​ ​25th ​Ghana, Jordan, SpainUK​ PDF_16x16

​24th ​​Brazil, Global Economy, UKU.S​ PDF_16x16

​​15th China, Greece, Turkey, US PDF_16x16
​8th Brazil, Eurozone, South AfricaUS PDF_16x16

​1st India, Italy, UK, US & Canada​ PDF_16x16
​MAY ​25th ​Eurozone, Germany, Greece, US PDF_16x16

​18th ​Brazil, Central & Eastern Europe, Japan, The Netherlands PDF_16x16

​04th ​Emerging Markets, France, Spain, US PDF_16x16
​APRIL ​27th ​Emerging Markets, Sweden, UK, US & Canada PDF_16x16
​20th ​Argentina, Brazil, China, Russia PDF_16x16

​14th ​Angola, China,  Italy​, UK PDF_16x16

​06th ​Emerging Markets, Germany, Saudi Arabia, U.S PDF_16x16​​​​
MARCH ​31st China, Eurozone, Turkey Sub-Saharan Africa PDF_16x16​​
​23rd Eurozone Indonesia, Israel US PDF_16x16​​
​16th ChinaEgypt, Ireland, UK, US PDF_16x16​​
​10th Egypt, ​Eurozone, U.S, Italy​ PDF_16x16​​
2nd​ China, France,  Sweden, US PDF_16x16
February ​24th China, Eurozone,  UK, US PDF_16x16
​17th ​Commodities, Eurozone, Israel,  Norway
10th ​Algeria, Canada, Russia, US PDF_16x16
​3rd France, Japan ​UK, US PDF_16x16
​​20th PDF_16x16
14th ChinaGermany, Saudi ArabiaUS PDF_16x16




​​ ​​
DECEMBER ​23rd France, Japan, QatarSpain​ ​ PDF_16x16
17th​ ​Eurozone, South Africa, Turkey, US PDF_16x16
9th Poland, Sub-Saharan Africa, ​UK, US PDF_16x16
3rd Brazil, China, Eurozone, Switzerland PDF_16x16
NOVEMBER ​25th Argentina, Eurozone, Germany, South Africa PDF_16x16​​​​​​​​​​
​​ 18th​ ​Eurozone, Japan, Russia, US PDF_16x16​​​​​​​​​
12th​ China, Greece, Romania, US PDF_16x16​​​​​​​​​
04th​ China, France, Spain, Turkey PDF_16x16​​​​​​​
​OCTOBER ​29th ​Eurozone, South Korea, UK, US PDF_16x16​​​​
21st​ ​Brazil, Canada, China, Germany PDF_16x16​​​​
​14th ​Canada​, China, Turkey, UK PDF_16x16​​
07th​ Greece, Kenya, Russia, U.S PDF_16x16​​
​​​​​SEPTEMBER ​30th ​Eurozone, France, India, U.S PDF_16x16​​
​23rd China, Eurozone, Greece & U.S PDF_16x16
16th​ China, Nigeria, Turkey, U.S PDF_16x16
9th​ Egypt, Eurozone, RussiaU.S.​ PDF_16x16​​​​​

2nd​ Brazil, China, Italy, U.S PDF_16x16​​​
​26th China, Eurozone, Germany, U.S PDF_16x16​​​
​19th China, Eurozone, Greece, Turkey PDF_16x16​​​
​JULY 30th​ Spain, UAE​UKU.S. PDF_16x16​​​​
22nd​ Brazil, France, Iran, U.S. PDF_16x16​​​
​​​​ ​17th ​Iran, GreeceUS & Canada, UK PDF_16x16​​​
8th​ China, Germany, Greece PDF_16x16​​​
​2nd ChinaGreeceU.S.​ PDF_16x16​​​
​JUNE 24th​ ​​Cyprus, Eurozone, IranJapan PDF_16x16​​
​​ 18th​ Brazil, Greece, Russia, U.S.​ PDF_16x16
11th​ China, Nordics, Turkey, U.S.​ PDF_16x16
​3rd Belgium, Brazil, Switzerland, U.S. PDF_16x16​​
​MAY​​ 27th​ China, GermanyThe NetherlandsU.S PDF_16x16​​

​20th Israel, Portugal, Russia & Ukraine, UK PDF_16x16​​
13th​ ​Eur​ozone, France, Saudi Arabia, U.S. PDF_16x16​​

6th​ ​Eurozone, Indonesia, Spain, Turkey PDF_16x16​​

​APRIL​ 30th​ Germany, Nepal, UK, U.S. PDF_16x16​​

​22nd China, Sub-Saharan Africa, Switzerland, U.S. PDF_16x16
15th China, Eurozone, World Economy PDF_16x16
​8th Cyprus, Iran, Italy & Spain PDF_16x16
​1st ​​​​Brazil, France, Greece, Turkey PDF_16x16
​March ​25th ​Eurozone, Nigeria, UK, U.S. PDF_16x16
​18th ​UK, Latin America, Ireland, Israel PDF_16x16
​11th ​Brazil, China, Eurozone, Italy PDF_16x16
​4th ​Austria & Switzerland, China, South Africa, UK ​​PDF_16x16
​February 25th ​Eurozone, Germany, Greece, U.S. PDF_16x16
​19th ​Eurozone, Ukraine, Netherlands & France PDF_16x16
​11th China, France, Russia & U.S. PDF_16x16
​2nd Australia & China, Denmark, Switzerland, U.S. PDF_16x16
​January ​28th Canada, UK, Ukraine, Russia, U.S. PDF_16x16
​22nd ​ECB, China, Turkey, Brazil PDF_16x16
​15th Germany, Eurozone, U.S., Russia PDF_16x16
​   7th ​World Economy, U.S., Saudi Arabia​ PDF_16x16



​December ​10th ChinaGreeceTurkey, U.S. euler hermes
​4th BrazilGreece & the ECB, Russia, U.S. euler hermes

​November ​26th ​China & Japan, Eurozone, Germany, U.S. euler hermes
​19th ​Eurozone, IsraelJapan, U.S.​ euler hermes
​12th Russia & Ukraine, U.S., Eurozone, Zambia euler hermes
​5th BrazilJapanRussiaU.S.​ euler hermes
​October ​29th GermanyUK & BelgiumUkraineU.S.​ euler hermes
​23rd China, Eurozone, FranceU.S.​ euler hermes
​15th China, Eurozone, Spain​U.S.​ euler hermes
​8th GermanyUKU.S.​, World Economy euler hermes
​1st China, Middle East, UKU.S.​ euler hermes
​September ​24th ChinaJapan, Eurozone, SwitzerlandU.S.​ euler hermes
​18th ChinaRussiaUKUkraine​ euler hermes
​10th ​Eurozone, RussiaTurkeyU.S.​ euler hermes
​3rd Brazil, China, Eurozone, Germany euler hermes
​August ​27th ​Eurozone, FranceSouth AfricaU.S.​ euler hermes
​20th Argentina, Eurozone, RussiaU.S.​ euler hermes
​July ​31st South KoreaSpain​UKU.S.​ euler hermes
​16th ​BRICS, Eurozone, Portugal, Slovenia euler hermes
​9th ​Eurozone, Indonesian electionIrelandU.S.​ euler hermes
​2nd Bulgaria, Eurozone, JapanU.S.​ euler hermes
​June ​25th ​​Argentina, Eurozone, Hungary, Iraq euler hermes
​18th ​​ArgentinaFranceGreeceJapan euler hermes
​11th Brazil, Eurozone, TurkeyU.S.​ euler hermes
​4th ​Benelux, PolandSpain​U.S.​ euler hermes
​May ​14th ​Eurozone, South AfricaUkraineU.S.​ euler hermes
​7th ​Eurozone, PortugalUkraineU.S.​ euler hermes
​April ​30th ​Eurozone, UK & Spain​UkraineU.S.​ euler hermes
​23rd China, Morocco, Southern Europe, U.S.​ euler hermes
​16th ​ChinaGreeceUkraine & RussiaU.S.​ euler hermes
​9th FranceUKUkraine & RussiaU.S.​ euler hermes
​3rd FranceTurkeyUkraine & RussiaU.S.​ euler hermes
​March ​26th ​Eurozone, South AfricaUkraine & RussiaU.S.​ euler hermes
​19th IrelandUkraine & RussiaU.S.​ euler hermes
​12th ​Eurozone, Ukraine & RussiaU.S.​ euler hermes
​5th ​Nordics, Ukraine & RussiaU.S.​ euler hermes
​February ​26th ​Eurozone, UKUkraineU.S.​ euler hermes
​19th ​Eurozone, ItalyJapanU.S.​ euler hermes
​12th ​Emerging Markets, NorwayUkraineU.S.​ euler hermes
​5th ​Eurozone, RussiaSpain​U.S.​ euler hermes
​January ​30th ​Eurozone, UKUkraineU.S.​ euler hermes
​22nd Egypt​IrelandUkraine, World Economy euler hermes
​15th EgyptFranceGermanyU.S.​ euler hermes
​8th ​Eurozone, SingaporeTurkeyU.S.​ euler hermes