Insolvency and Payment

Euler Hermes knows that recognizing the ins and outs of payment risk is a key to business success. For companies to avoid a vicious circle, that will only lead to businesses losses, we offers data and analysis of indicators such as payment delays (DSO), past-dues, non-payment and insolvencies in order to keep compagnies informed. Monitoring is done across countries and sectors of the economy and over time.



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Insolvency warning signs - how to spot them early and avoid problems:
Mind your Receivables is a tool to help you analyse key payment and insolvency indicators. It offers dynamic charts that present data for days sales outstanding (DSO), insolvencies and past dues. You can choose, customize and filter the types of visual data you find most useful. The result is an interactive journey across regions, countries, industries, sectors - and time.

Insolvencies Index by country

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Change in number of Insolvencies, year over year.

Lower insolvencies number

Higher insolvencies number




How long does it take to get paid?

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