vIRGINIE fauvel

Member of the Board of Management
Chief Transformation Officer



Ludovic Sénécaut

Virginie Fauvel started her career in 1997 with Cetelem as Group CRM and Risks analytics Director. She then became Group Digital Officer in 2004 and was in charge of the e-Business BU, setting out Cetelem’s global online strategy. She later headed BNP Paribas’ Online Banking BU for Europe and France and founded Hello Bank!, the leading European mobile bank in Italy, France, Belgium and Germany. She joined Allianz France in 2013 as member of the executive committee, in charge of the company’s digital transformation, direct, big data and AI, communication and Market Management teams. She largely contributed to driving Allianz’ transformation mindset and bringing digital innovations at the heart of the company. Virginie Fauvel graduated from the Ecole des Mines Nancy (French Graduate Engineering School).