Environmental Information

Euler Hermes is committed to reducing the environmental impact of its operations through its sustainable development policy. Related accountability processes help us make better use of human, material and natural resources worldwide.


The Group’s energy consumption relates mainly to lighting, air conditioning and heating in work premises, along with running electrical equipment.

Reducing energy consumption is a key priority in the Group’s environmental strategy. One of the main aspects of this strategy is to prefer premises that have been environmentally certified (see the Corporate Workplace Standards mentioned above).

The Group therefore occupies premises certified with labels guaranteeing a high level of energy efficiency in France (Lyon and Paris), Singapore, Zurich, Mexico City, Warsaw and Bucharest (16% of the total surface area occupied by the Group, showing continuous improvement over the previous year). In Zurich the Euler Hermes premises have moved together with all the other Allianz entities in the Allianz Campus in Wallisellen, a brand new building labeled Minergie. In Warsaw also, in 2015, EH employees moved to Nimbus, a certified building designed with particular emphasis on environmental aspects (during the construction phase, 10% of materials used were recycled and 50% of waste from the construction site was recycled in turn).

Given the nature of its business, the Group is not concerned by environmental issues arising from land use.



In 2015, reported office paper consumption (coverage ratio: 89%) amounted to 221 tons.
The Group has been interested in the subject of reducing paper consumption for several years.

For many years now, the Allianz group’s printing policy has been applied by the Group, with the implementation of the following measures to regulate the Group’s printing equipment by default: printing in black and white, two per page, on both sides, reducing ink density and automatic standby mode.

At several Group sites, the “follow me printing” system has been implemented to limit printing (Paris and Brussels); printed materials leave the printer only after validation using a badge on the same machine.

Several campaigns have taken place to raise employee awareness and reasonable use of office paper, as for example in the Netherlands where paper workflows are fully digitalized (invoices are received by email) and in the UK where for example digital licences for business newspapers have replaced the paper standard ones.

A digitalization project at Group level is currently underway and aims to analyze all communication flows in order to implement digital transfers.


Euler Hermes also plays its part in reducing the global carbon footprint. Since November 2010, Euler Hermes’ websites have been certified "carbon neutral". The energy used by the servers and connections to Euler Hermes websites is offset by a contribution paid to European projects for financing the development of renewable energy sources. This initiative has been taken in partnership with the Danish association CO2 Neutral Website and the European Union.
For business travel, Euler Hermes encourages the use of rail rather than air whenever the distance permits.  The company car fleet is also regularly renewed to take advantage of the latest anti-pollution standards introduced by carmakers.
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