Do your business partners require securities your company does not possess yet? Are you looking for a solution to finance your performance in a certain deal? Euler Hermes can provide you with the suitable bonds your company needs.

What is bonding?

Your business partners ask you for bonds and guarantees to be certain that you will perform your contractual obligations. Bonding with Euler Hermes gives them the necessary security to start lasting and confident business relations.

How does bonding work?

Surety bonds

Surety bonds are contractual relationships where we vouch with our good name towards third parties for your obligation as a contractor. Bonding is also known as ‘surety’. A principle for bonding is to indemnify a person who has no relationship to the insurance company (external party). The bond or guarantee secures that the contractor (your company) will fulfil its obligations (or defects liability) under the contract.

Performance bonds and bid bonds

To grow your business, you may find yourself bidding with potential customers you don’t know. And, worse, they don’t know your company either. Including a bid and performance bond in your offering ensures your potential customer you will deliver on your offer. Similarly, on winning the contract, your company can immediately start with the fulfilment process.

International bonds

Smaller companies pursuing international contracts may profit from working with bonds. It is a way to guarantee payments and delivery. With Euler Hermes, you can rely on our vast experience and our international network.

Our range of solutions


Construction and manufacturing


We share our knowledge of the construction sector and manufacturing industry with you to provide you with tailored solutions.​

​Food and Carriers


Thanks to our in-depth experience we have an extensive knowledge of the EU agricultural market and the special import and export requirements.

​Bonding abroad


You can count on our long experience in foreign bonding. Euler Hermes stands at your side as an internationally experienced guarantor worldwide.

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Find your local solution :
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