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Discover the key findings in our report - Debt Collection: The 2018 Global Ranking

How complex is collecting debt around the world? Euler Hermes’ Collection Complexity Ratings provide an overview of debt collection procedures in each of our 50 diverse countries – including seven new countries added in 2017. By providing you with the big picture, we aim to help support your business decisions and manage expectations when trading internationally.


Our international debt collection analysis is based on a detailed review of local regulations and procedures, providing you with an exclusive perspective from Euler Hermes’ market-based collection specialists on local payment cultures and legal practices.

Countries are rated along a four-point scale: Severe, Very High, High, and Notable. Explore the interactive map below and click on a country to read its comprehensive Collection Profile.



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Country Collection Profiles

In practice, how do these ratings affect you? Based on the expertise of Euler Hermes' debt collecting experts, our Country Collection Profiles drill down into the debt collection practices of each of these countries, explaining how to manage collection efforts best.


As the complexity of international debt collection depends on many factors, our profiles examine the elements that influence the Euler Hermes Collection Complexity Ratings – payment-, court- and insolvency-related complexity – so you know what behaviours and factors will impact the collection of debts in each country, helping you stay ahead of the curve.


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Country report for ArgentinaArgentina
Country report for AzerbeijanAustralia
Country report for AzerbeijanAustria 

Country report for BelgiumBelgium 
Country report for BeninBenin 
Country report for BrazilBrazil 


euler hermesCameroon

euler hermesCanada

Country report for ChiliChile 
Country report for ChinaChina
euler hermesColombia 
Country report for Czech republicCzech Republic 


euler hermesDenmark



Country report for franceFinland

Country report for franceFrance 



Country report for germanyGermany 
Country report for greeceGreece 


euler hermesHong Kong 

Country report for HungaryHungary 

Country report for IndiaIndia 
euler hermesIndonesia 
Country report for irelandIreland 
euler hermesIsrael
Country report for italiaItaly 

euler hermesJapan 




Country report for NigeriaNetherlands

Country report for NigeriaNorway 

euler hermesPoland

euler hermesPortugal​

euler hermesRomania
euler hermesRussia






Country report for Saudi ArabiaSaudia Arabia 
Country report for SenegalSenegal  
Country report for SingaporeSingapore 
euler hermesSlovak Republic
Country report for South AfricaSouth Africa 

Country report for SpainSpain 
euler hermesSweden

euler hermesSwitzerland


euler hermesThailand 

Country report for TurkeyTurkey 

Country report for TogoTogo 


euler hermesUnited Arab Emirates 
Country report for United-KingdomUnited Kingdom 
Country report for Untied-StatesUnited States 


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