Fraud Cover

What is fraud cover insurance?

Fraud can happen to anyone, anywhere, anytime. Fraud Cover insurance protects your organization against internal, external, and cyber fraud and their consequences. In the event of fraud, you will be insured and indemnified. 

Why protect your company with fraud insurance? 


With Fraud Cover insurance, Euler Hermes offers you much more than ordinary fidelity insurance: financial losses caused by the criminal acts of your employees are insured, along with the actions of non-company personnel, temporary staff or external service providers. This includes losses caused by third parties through robbery, theft or fraud, including CEO impersonation fraud. 


  • With Fraud Insurance you limit the impact of fraud:
  1. You are indemnified, which limits your direct financial losses and some indirect costs such as legal proceedings
  2. You are reimbursed part of your costs to limit reputational damage,
  3. Our team of dedicated experts and claim specialists help you manage the crisis. 
  • You avoid cash-flow issues and secure your business profitability
  • Your premium is adjusted to your needs. You only pay for what you need.
    Your fidelity policy is custom made for you and adapted to the specific coverage needs of your company.
  • You can focus on growing your business 
    Your subsidiaries can be included in your cover, allowing you to focus on expanding your company’s business in a secure manner.


External fraud and embezzlement are on the rise.

Fraudsters from outside your company are often highly skilled operators, well established in the international organized crime scene. Furthermore, a new generation of thieves use ultra-sophisticated methods to deceive companies by posing as business partners (a supplier, a customer), or even CEOs (" fraud to the President" or CEO fraud). These criminals always have an end goal of stealing funds or goods. Specific techniques used by these new swindlers include impersonation, voice and signature imitation, persuasion, intimidation, blackmail, false emails and invading systems.



More and more thieves are breaking in online as hackers continue pillaging companies through the Internet. The fact that many business and financial transactions are now conducted online makes it easier to access and manipulate data. Technological breakthroughs within companies, such as equipment mobility and an increase in the amount of data needing protection, makes companies more vulnerable to cybercrime. The theft of specific data, computer sabotage and malware can very quickly become a matter of life or death for small companies.



Internal fraud is a threat for all companies.
A company’s procedures are often based on trust, and typical mechanisms in place are not focused on preventing or detecting fraud. Some perpetrators may be highly qualified specialists, or in middle management in your firm. These people are optimally placed to access company assets thanks to their know-how and long experience of how the company works. Statistics show that internal fraud can be the most harmful, regardless of the business sector.

Find out more on how Euler Hermes can protect your organization’s assets against internal, external, and cyber fraud with our Fraud Cover Insurance. 


> Assurance Fraude (France)
Schutz vor Veruntreuung (Germany)
Vertrauensschadenversicherung (Switzerland)