Euler Hermes' can take advantage of three online credit insurance services:


  • EH World Agency SmartView - Our risk management information reporting system consolidates credit risk exposure, helping you to monitore your risks and maximize growth opportunities.
  • EOLIS - Available to every Euler Hermes policyholder, EOLIS is a real-time online policy management system, with secure access 24/7.
  • EH SmartLink - Exchanging payment data, our electronic interface lets you integrate your accounting systems with our global risk database, optimizing your credit management.
    EH World Agency SmartView gives clients even greater visibility, clarity and control over their policies, and helps create a better, more productive dialogue with their customer and internal teams. It offers drill-down capability on all EH Grades to see the detail of risks and opportunities for your business.


    EOLIS enables the day-to-day management of multinational policies by automating a number of otherwise time-consuming tasks. With secure access 24/7 it offers a centralized view of credit insurance policies worldwide, allowing clients to manage their credit limits and risks information online.
    Available in multiple languages, EOLIS simplifies the notification and management of non-payment, providing information on claims and collections helping clients to manage their policy. Access can be given to different user profiles within each business unit, to allow either a local or consolidated view, or both. 
    Using EH SmartLink, Euler Hermes provides clients with a synchronized, electronic interface to exchange data and integrate processes within their IT/ERP systems. Several services are available to optimize clients' risk management processes, streamlining workloads and reducing costs. Policy-related actions can be automated and accelerated, leading to further operational efficiencies and the opportunity to take on more business.