Transactional Cover at Euler Hermes World Agency offers tailored solutions for multinationals, corporates, financial institutions, and indeed any importer/exporter seeking solutions related to political risk, mid-term policies, structured deals or single transactions. It is a customized policy designed to mitigate risks such as contract interruption, non-payment, confiscation with political violence etc. It enables businesses to secure limits (non-cancellable up to 8 years) on a single risk transaction (up to $125 million per transaction) often in the short-to medium term.
  • Up to 8 years cover period (above 8 years on a case-by-case basis for specific transactions)
  • Non-cancellable credit limits during the policy period
  • Large limits up to USD 125 M per risk on a non-cancellable basis.
  • 100% indemnity for Confiscation, Expropriation, Nationalization Insurance
  • Tailor-made policies
  • Single or multi-country
  • Single buyer or key buyers


  • Contract Frustration export cover
  • Import Cover (Pre-payment)
  • Supplier Financing
  • Political Risk only

Banks / Financial Institutions

  • Export Finance
  • Supply Chain Finance
  • Trade and Structured Trade Finance 
  • Bank to bank trade loans
  • Corporate Finance
  • Protecting your balance sheet and assets
  • Safer sales growth
  • Reduction in bad debt reserves
  • Protection against concentration risk 
  • Securing more favorable lending terms or insuring banks
  • Providing comfort to investors
  • Risk Weighted Asset (RWA) optimization