The Euler Hermes World Agency is a successful and sustainable provider of credit risk management solutions for multinational business and financial institutions. This dedicated team within the Euler Hermes Group is specifically tasked with servicing multinationals.

Through tailored World Programs, the philosophy of the World Agency is central steering, local delivery. World Agency teams are located all over the world, ensuring superior service by operating in the same local context and culture as customers. The aim is to implement robust, effective programs that underpin and strengthen credit management infrastructures supporting risk management and risk transfer.

In addition to covering insolvency and delayed payment, the World Program provides cover for various causes of political risk, such as revolution, insurrection, civil unrest, terrorism or war, governmental expropriation or confiscation of assets, governmental frustration or repudiation of contracts, inconvertibility of foreign currency or the inability to repatriate funds. Prior to working with a customer, significant time is spent examining their particular needs and demands in order to tailor a program that meets their exact requirements.


  • World Agency teams provides protection against protracted Default, insolvency and political risk
  • Supports multinationals to integrate and grow, ensuring compliance with local regulation
  • Optimize access to capital under asset-based financing agreements
  • Underpin and strengthen credit management infrastructures, supporting risk management and risk transfer
  • Provide consistent underwriting decisions through the global risk model
  • Ensure claims paid as quickly as possible to ensure customers have no cash flow gaps
  • Solutions include bespoke World Programs, hybrid Excess of Loss and Whole Turnover programs, Political Risk Only, Structured Trade Finance
  • We provide a dedicated and experienced Account Management and Risk team
  • Feature unique and consistent decision-making authority for sensitive decisions