Close to being in complete disarray


Sensitive risk for entreprises

  • Fragmentation

  • Internationalization

  • Capital Intensity

  • Profitability

  • Fragmentation

  • Internationalization

  • Capital Intensity

  • Profitability

  • Air traffic supported by the rising demand in air passenger travel due to international tourism and globalization of businesses
  • Shipping activity boosted by the resilience of world trade growth
  • The larger the country, the better for rail passenger and freight transport
  • Sea and rail less fragmented than air and road transport markets
  • Truck driver labor shortages throughout the Western hemisphere
  • Road transport companies battling too low a profit margin in the long run
  • Protracted lockdowns wreaking havoc on most transportation players, especially airlines
  • Transport(ation) companies' profitability dependent on changes in fuel prices, regardless of the means of transport
  • Looming investments required for reducing the carbon footprint of the sector

Key players

Country Role Sector risk

#1 market by revenue


High risk

United States

#2 market by revenue


Sensitive risk


#3 market by revenue


Medium risk

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