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What is SmartLink ?


It’s a secure e-commerce service that complements trade credit insurance.  SmartLink integrates our business intelligence into your IT systems so that they can operate automatically and in real-time, with no security issues.  Your credit management team will be able to work faster, focusing on the critical decisions and working with the latest information.  


Make decisions faster and with more confidence using automated processes that deliver greater accuracy.


Use our data and tools to analyse trends and prepare for market developments.


Bring data into one central location to allow benchmarking and more consistent policies and procedures.

A secure e-commerce service alongside your trade credit insurance will allow you to manage your policies effectively. We have designed and built a system that is directly based on your needs as a credit management team. SmartLink takes the power of our business intelligence and injects it into your IT systems to deliver automatic operation in real-time, with no security issues. We can accelerate your own credit management processes by taking out the time consuming work of data entry and fact checking in order to replace them with pre-set alerts and insightful reports. Using the power of SmartLink together with our online risk management tool, Smartview, you will be able to work faster, focusing on critical decisions and employing up to date credit risk information.