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Import and export trade doesn’t have to be on a massive scale. The smallest businesses can take their first steps into international trade, seeking out new customers in international markets. Whatever the size of your business or the scale of transaction, you will need to make arrangements to pay taxes and import duties.

First time importers and exporters may be surprised to find that they must pay the taxes and duties immediately their goods arrive in the country of destination. No excuses, no explanations, no waiting until your customer pays you.

Duty deferment and customs bonds are used by importers to manage the payment of duty on goods and are issued to the benefit of HMRC.  The bond allows the flexibility to defer payment for up to 45 days, giving you the benefit that the pressure on cash flow will be eased while the goods go through.

We’re experts in keeping trade on the move, both importing or exporting. Our specialist bond teams have the experience to support your importing deals whether you are a first time user or highly experienced as an international trader. Read about bonds for international trade.

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When you take the first steps into foreign trade it is essential to plan your financial commitments. Your business will benefit if you consider the possible scenarios you may face and consult experts who can guide and advise you on how to respond to them. There are many options for avoiding losses through late payment or defaults and for managing debts.  We have a global network which will support your decisions and help you to secure export contracts.  When you become a policyholder or take up bonds for international trade, you will have access to unique information and the latest insight on the markets where you are trading. You will be able to offer more attractive terms to your customers and gain access to new buyers. Backed by Euler Hermes, you will trade with confidence and build lasting customer relationships.