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What is trade credit insurance for small companies (SMEs)?


You may think that credit insurance is complex or only suited for large or multinational companies.

However, credit insurance can be essential to ensuring a small businesses’ continued success. It can provide powerful information and support that your business might not have otherwise. 


With credit insurance, your business is protected from unpaid invoices, which can be particularly challenging for small businesses.


Like many small businesses, you may not have significant resources to devote to credit management. We have the world’s most extensive knowledge of companies, sectors and economic trends​ for you to grow your business.


All of our clients have access to our instant and secure online system, where you can request credit opinions and limits, monitor existing credit limits and those you have applied for, examine your customers' and prospects’ balance sheets, and request debt collec​tion.

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As an entrepreneur you are constantly striving to build your business. Every day you make decisions that combine the challenges of chasing opportunities with managing risks. If a customer fails to pay, the consequences can be serious – the survival of your business may even be jeopardized. As a major player in trade credit insurance, bonding and fraud cover, we work closely with small and medium-sized companies that are investing for growth. We have listened to your needs and responded with insurance policies made the way you want them. Simplicity is trade credit insurance for entrepreneurs who manage risk professionally and grow their businesses with confidence. A short and simple application process makes life easier.  Structured prices mean you can quickly work out the cost for your business and see the value you will gain.