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A safe future for your company? Five risks to be avoided

A company that grows is every entrepreneur’s dream. Including yours. Still, growth is a group effort and there are risks involved. Your staff, customers and even total strangers: quite a few people have an impact on your company. Euler Hermes lists the main risk factors so you will know how to protect yourself.

Getting your invoices paid on time in 5 steps

Invoices: we all prefer the outgoing to the incoming kind but in both cases it’s best to get it over with asap. However, outstanding customer invoices are often a delicate matter. With these five steps collecting invoices becomes child’s play.

How to stay on good terms with your business relations in case of past due invoices?

Outstanding invoices are often a major source of worry for your company. You want to collect those invoices as soon as possible while your customer may have his reasons to defer payment. As you can guess, outstanding accounts can wreak havoc on your business contacts. But how can you make sure that your business relationships survive past due invoices?

The very best for your company? Five pitfalls to be avoided

Doing business without any risk whatsoever is a utopian dream but the truth is that even the most successful entrepreneurs are extremely careful to limit the risks to which they expose their company. Still, solutions aren’t always that hard to come by. Below Euler Hermes has listed the biggest risks for your company.

6 tips for optimizing cash flow

1. Shorten your real payment period (DSO) 2. Maximize supplier credit 3. Screen your prospects 4. Discuss payment terms with your customers 5. Increase efficiency by selling your smaller receivables 6. Externalize your bank guarantees

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