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Limit the risks to your company in 7 steps

What do Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos and Euler Hermes have in common? The answer is as surprising as it is obvious. All three take calculated risks on a daily basis to make their company the fastest grower. But how can you keep unnecessary risks from impeding the growth of your company?

What should you consider if you choose to entrust an insurer with your sureties and guarantees?

For surety bonds and guarantees you need a partner who exudes confidence, not just with regard to your company but also when dealing with your customers and other parties involved. Expertise and know-how are crucial ingredients for such a relationship based on trust. You are also looking for a partner who can support you in all your projects, regardless of size or international dimension.

5 benefits of a professional debt collection agency

A friendly telephone call, a formal reminder and finally a registered letter, all of which remain unanswered. As an entrepreneur, outstanding invoices can have you at your wits’ end several times a year. In this case a professional debt collection agency is just what the doctor ordered. Below we’ve summed up five benefits.

Towards a bespoke fraud insurance in just four steps

Who is your biggest competitor? It’s not that demanding customer or a multinational corporation that is trying to pilfer your business relations. All forms of fraud are: unforeseen costs, reputation damage and technical unemployment are just a few of the possible consequences. That is why well-considered preventative measures must be put in place. In just four steps you can provide your company with optimum protection from an unseen enemy.

Getting your invoices paid on time in 5 steps

Invoices: we all prefer the outgoing to the incoming kind but in both cases it’s best to get it over with asap. However, outstanding customer invoices are often a delicate matter. With these five steps collecting invoices becomes child’s play.

A safe future for your company? Five risks to be avoided

A company that grows is every entrepreneur’s dream. Including yours. Still, growth is a group effort and there are risks involved. Your staff, customers and even total strangers: quite a few people have an impact on your company. Euler Hermes lists the main risk factors so you will know how to protect yourself.

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