Discover why PSE uses our trade credit insurance

Produce Services Europe was founded in 2004 and is an international family business with its head office in Kapellen. As an importer/exporter of fresh fruit and vegetables they are active in the food industry. Their goal? Bring a healthy and colourful range full of flavour to the customers’ doorstep. For this they not only rely on their committed staff but also on Euler Hermes, who helps them find efficient solutions to  defaults of payment.
When customers are unable to pay their invoices to PSE, Euler Hermes finds a suitable solution. A  trade credit insurance policy guarantees PSE their invoices will be paid. Moreover, Euler Hermes helps them monitor customers. In this testimonial CEO Line Van Hoecke shares her views on the collaboration over the years.
Protecting your company has never been so important than now. Especially in this crisis period, you are never safe from the default of payment or the insolvency of one of your customers. Very often bad payments and insolvencies lead to a snowball effect. This creates risks for the cash flow and profitability of your business. A large unpaid invoice can jeopardise the growth of your business or eventually lead you to insolvency.

trade credit insurance provides you information about the  creditworthiness of your customers and prospects, ensures that your overdue payments are collected and compensates your unpaid invoices.