Towards a bespoke fraud insurance in just four steps

Who is your biggest competitor? It’s not that demanding customer or a multinational corporation that is trying to pilfer your business relations. All forms of fraud are: unforeseen costs, reputation damage and technical unemployment are just a few of the possible consequences. That is why well-considered preventative measures must be put in place. In just four steps you can provide your company with optimum protection from an unseen enemy.

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1.         Identify your weak spots

You cannot protect yourself against fraud as well as an insurer can. Still, there are quite a few questions you can ask yourself to beef up your fraud protection. For instance, are all your payments double-checked? Are all your passwords replaced at least once every two months? And are former employees automatically denied access to all company systems?

2.         Have your fraud risk analysed

Euler Hermes also has a few questions for you to help optimise your fraud insurance. This enables us to identify all the fraud risks and tells us which aspects are crucial to your company. There are as many forms of fraud as there are companies so a risk assessment is indispensable. The result is an insurance policy that is tailored to your business.

3.         Validate our bespoke offer

At Euler Hermes we pride ourselves on our personal approach. Our quotations reflect this principle: every offer is fully geared to the needs of your company. We adapt our warranties and premiums to the size and risks of your company and thanks to our hotline our experts are at your beck and call 24/7

4.         Pick up where you left off

Now that your insurance policy is in place you can once again turn your focus to what really matters: doing business. Do you have suspicions of fraud anyway? Then contact your insurer immediately. Euler Hermes will guide you through the steps you must take and will indemnify you within 30 days. We will also foot the bill for any costs arising from the fraud.

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