Cyber and fraud insurance

As digital technology evolves, the incidence of fraud is increasing sharply. Protect your business against internal, external and cyber fraud.

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What is a cyber and fraud insurance?

A cyber and fraud insurance protects your business against the risks of internal, external and cyber fraud. We work with you to assess your fraud risks. In case of fraud, you are covered for the associated financial losses.


Our operational advice helps you to protect your business against fraud.


You are covered against internal, external and cyber fraud.


Your business is covered along with all your subsidiaries in the European Economic Area.

Your business could be hit by fraud. External fraud involves the theft of money or stock by persons outside the business. Internal fraud is fraud perpetrated by your staff. Cyber fraud can be either internal or external. Your policy covers you against internal, external and cyber fraud. Subscribing to a fraud insurance limits your exposure to direct and indirect financial losses. If you are victim of fraud, our team of specialists will take charge of the situation and provide you with bespoke assistance.