Your success starts with a strong platform

Simple, interactive and up-to-date information about your customers


Let us work together for your growth.
MyEH gives you the confidence to take the right decisions.

Entrepreneurship means looking ahead. Seeing opportunities and responding quickly to them. Confidence to make the right decisions about who you are going to work with is key in this. In order to coordinate the right conditions, you need fast and up-to-date information about your customers and their creditworthiness.

MyEH offers you this possibility. The platform is accessible 24/7 via your computer, laptop or mobile so that you can make your decisions quickly and easily. And our internal experts are easily available for support when needed.

Managing your credit insurance has never been easier!

Easy to use

MyEH has been developed together with our customers. The portal is very simple, fast and works on all devices.

Quickly all information

Easily see how things stand with the coverage on your customers and the development in your policy.

Convenient overviews

In MyEH, we integrate all policies into a handy overview. This way you don't have to search for long and you can get started quickly

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We would like to tell you how a credit insurance policy can help you grow safely and with confidence in your country and abroad.