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Have you made a large contract to produce and supply machinery? Or are you looking to export capital goods to a new market? If so, an advance payment guarantee or a performance guarantee is almost always a must. No longer able to meet your commitments? Your business partner will be able to recover their losses by claiming on the guarantee. We ensure, in consultation with you, that our guarantees conform to the relevant legal rules and with the terms of business you have agreed.

Our AA rating from Standard & Poor's gives the security to your customers and allow you to grow your business with confidence.

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You can rely on our local offices and our international network of partners for the guarantees you need, anywhere in the world.


Overcome barriers to expanding and entering new markets. Never get caught out by local business customs. Our global expertise helps you understand local trading practices.


Improve the profile and the credibility of your company abroad. Our guarantees improve the strength of your business relationships.

Businesses exploring new markets often find themselves looking for new channels, customers and users in unfamiliar regions. Guarantees for capital goods producers are essential if you want to export and grow. As revenue rises, the need for new risk management methods increases, which is why many successful exporters opt for standby guarantees. Don’t forget that guarantees for foreign customers must be structured and managed in accordance with local law and commercial practices. Our experts have been specialists in this field for many years. They have a wealth of knowledge and can give you all the advice and services you need, allowing your company to grow with confidence – wherever you do business.