No. When you contract  a trade credit insurance policy with us you will be able to make use of our expert debt collection service.  It operates worldwide, covering all sizes of debt. Find out more about debt collection.
We provide you with a complete service by capitalizing on our name and reputation in the market. We start with phone calls and issuing of letters which make the request clear and. If they do not succeed, we also provide a legal service from judgment to enforcement action. We
always favour amicable negotiations in order to preserve your commercial relations.
It varies depending on the case and country. Economic, political and cultural reasons all affect customer behavior. We aim at making an agreement with the debtor as quickly as possible. When you work with our collection teams they will discuss with you what to expect and give you an idea of how long it could take.
In the case we couldn’t collect your debt through amicable negotiations and juridical procedures, your claim will be compensated according to the terms of your contract. 
We are committed to protecting your customer portfolio. As a third party with a global reputation, local knowledge and deep insight into
customer finances, we can often negotiate more effectively to make sure you receive payments when they are due. 90 % of our recoveries are made through amicable negotiations. 
Your guarantee of a global service is our network of offices in 50 countries, including all the major economies in the world. That presence on the ground is backed by close partnerships with lawyers and collection agents in many more territories.  In total we can reach into over 130 countries. 
We employ more than 600 dedicated commercial debt collectors around the world. We constantly invest in their training and the development of their skills. Our collectors don’t just work for us, they work for you. They are ambassadors for your organisation when they focus on collecting the payments owed to you.