Frequently Asked Questions

We support all kinds of trading relationships through credit insurance and related financial services. As market leaders in our field, we work across the globe, in every sector. We’ve provided our services successfully for over 100 years and we’re committed to supporting our customers for the foreseeable future. We are part of the Allianz Group, a global insurer. We’re rated AA by Standard & Poor’s. 

Get in touch, we'd be delighted to help you. We have the technology to give you excellent service and more options for how to work with us.  You can request credit limits, make a new claim and monitor progress on your current claims via the internet with EOLIS, our 24/7 system.

Frequently Asked Questions


- What is it ?

- How much does it cost ?

- Is it really worth the investment?




- If I make a claim, how much will you pay?

- If my business incurs a loss and our claim is accepted, how soon will I get paid?



- Do I need to take on a debt collection agency as well?

- What happens when you collect debts for me?

- How long does it take to collect the debt and when will I get paid? ...