Building Your Book of Business by Supporting Customer Growth

Your job as a broker is to help your clients strengthen their businesses and confidently pursue growth opportunities.

Credit insurance is the most compelling product available to help your clients achieve both of those objectives by protecting their accounts receivable against unexpected losses due to bad debt caused by customer insolvency or slow payment.

By offering credit insurance to your clients, you can:

  • Earn commissions by cross-selling to your existing book of business
  • Differentiate yourself as a consultative business partner helping clients to address their most pressing business needs
  • Leverage your credit insurance knowledge to establish a deeper relationship with your clients
  • Receive local support for sales and policy administration
  • Protect against errors and omission risk

The strongest candidates for credit insurance are companies that meet these criteria:

  • B2B credit sales of more than $4 million
  • Growing, exporting, in need of working capital or having concentrated risks

If you have a client that can benefit from credit insurance, contact Euler Hermes and our professionals can help you identify the right solution for your clients.

How it works

Your clients' accounts receivable is one of their largest assets – and one of the most vulnerable. Trade credit insurance from Euler Hermes protects clients from insolvencies, slow payments, and other A/R risks while providing data to help them choose creditworthy customers.

Three reasons brokers love Euler Hermes:

  1.  Producers define how involved they want to be -- and how they want EH representatives to provide support 
  2. Unrivaled dependability, resulting in a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 52 and an AA financial rating by Standard & Poor's
  3. 85 million+ companies monitored daily and locally within EH's proprietary risk database
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Why Brokers Partner with Euler Hermes