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Do you sometimes wish you knew a bit more about your business partner’s economic stability? Then you should use our BoniCheck credit check service – it is a reliable, up-to-date source of information available around the clock online.

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You get to know your customers even better and can avoid financial losses.

Sales opportunities

Our early warning system continuously monitors credit ratings and informs you quickly, which is very useful when it comes to acquiring new customers and choosing suppliers.

Knowledge advantage

Positive credit ratings are an important competitive advantage for you as they enable you to focus your attention on top customers.

Take well-founded action thanks to BoniCheck

Our BoniCheck service is much more than just a source of information. It is an indispensable foundation for doing business in a responsible manner. With BoniCheck, you know straight away whether a transaction is risky and a supplier reliable and can act early on the basis of this knowledge.

Here’s how BoniCheck works: the rating system uses a 10-point scale that indicates the probability of your business partners defaulting on a payment in the next 12 months. All information on creditworthiness is of course based on the latest facts and figures, which we evaluate on an ongoing basis. Would you like to shed more light on a certain company’s credit rating? No problem at all – we are happy to inform you automatically of any changes.

With BoniCheck, our unique global information network is yours too. It is accessible online at any time – and extremely valuable for your day-to-day business.