Credit insurance for capital goods

Do you manufacture or trade in capital goods? If so, then your transactions deserve special protection in the form of our credit insurance specifically for capital goods.

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Are the contracts, terms and credit rating right?

OK, we’ll insure it

Our credit insurance for capital goods offers made-to-measure protection for your business. Do you have receivables from contracts for the supply of goods or services or leasing contracts? Do they have terms of up to 60 months? If so, then you have already met two important criteria for being able to take out this insurance.

If the transaction in question also has a positive credit rating on the basis of our checks, then we can insure it. Incidentally, we will reimburse insured losses within 30 days of submission of the claim and the required documents.

How high is the premium?

We set great store by fairness. For that reason, the premium is determined individually on the basis of the amount of the receivable and the term of the insurance. Part of the premium will of course be refunded in the event of early, complete refinancing.

Flexible usage option
Our credit insurance for capital goods gives you needs-based cover and can meet the special requirements of an extremely wide spectrum of businesses. For example, we can offer you cover for:

  • Political risks
  • Unfair calling of guarantees
  • Prepayments
  • Leasing and hire purchase receivables
  • Service agreements such as sponsorship and employee leasing
  • Seasonal supply agreements

Global default cover for your receivables – from the moment of delivery. What is more, the long term of up to 60 months gives you planning certainty.


We will handle your claim within 30 days of submission of the claim and the required documents.


You will enjoy better refinancing opportunities when assigning compensation claims or selling receivables to banks.

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