Excess of loss (XOL)

It may be something more for you than a classic default insurance? We offer companies of the upper middle class a kind of "parachute" against exceptionally high losses: Our customised "Excess of Loss" policies.

How do testing & pricing work?

It all starts with our XOL underwriters reviewing their accounts receivable management as part of an e-Dilligence process. The actual pricing will then be based on your insurance portfolio. So fair and risk-based - and based on clear criteria! Afterwards a compensation precautionary risk is determined to protect against frequency damage. Important to know: The actual limit allocation up to the individual reporting limit remains with you


Combination desired?

Do not hesitate to contact us if you find an Excess of Loss solution as a "hybrid" with other credit insurances from Euler Hermes interesting.

High self-check limits provide you with flexible credit decisions in daily business. You can also use "group limits" to distribute the limits to various subsidiaries.
You can rely on our 12 months non-cancellable limits: We provide 100% compensation above the compensation risk. All this with the good feeling of an AA rating from Standard & Poor's for Euler Hermes.
Our Excess of Loss solutions are based on proven credit management processes. Another advantage: You have less administrative effort because you only have one central point of contact for your risk decisions.