Designed exclusively for multinational companies operating across two or more countries with business turnover in excess of €500 million, World Program is a flexible, tailored solution.

With a global team mirroring your geographical structure and business strategy including emerging markets, the World Program provides worldwide insurance with a range of eventualities including the insolvency of a customer portfolio, delayed payment and even political risk.

Central to the World Program is one Master Agreement framework, adaptable both centrally and locally. 

Our expert knowledge is at your fingertips to assess, evaluate and mitigate global risks. This robust, effective and efficient program is developed to underpin existing credit management infrastructure and deliver the right risk management and risk transfer solution.

Products to harmonise with your business model and risk appetite.
Global access to our local expert teams. Seamless service with our instant expert knowledge anytime, anywhere.
High capacity for risk coverage and cash flow protection supporting your business needs.