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How to Protect Your Cash Flow

A guide for small and medium businesses
We all know that running an SME is a brilliant but risky business. This is why in today’s climate of uncertainty, it’s even more important to protect your company growth with cash flow management. Because we know it can be complex, we’ve created an ebook to help you.
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Our complete guide covers everything from basic knowledge to advanced options:

  • The basics of cash flow management
  • Common cash flow pitfalls
  • A six-step guide to keeping track of your cash flow
  • Tips for credit control and faster payments
  • How to ensure you’re covered if faced with bad debts

It’s a must-have for SMEs who want to protect their business and it’s completely free. Staying in the #SafeZone has never been easier.

Why is cash flow management so crucial?

Running out of cash if the top reason why small businesses fail. A regular supply of cash is vital to any organisation, so that it can pay salaries and bills, as well as invest in growth. Even companies that manage to make a lot of sales can become insolvent if cash flow is disrupted, for example in case of unpaid invoices. This is why tracking your cash flow each month is essential. By analysing what happened the previous month and creating a cash flow forecast of the months to come, you’ll be able to spot trends, anticipate when your business might need more cash and prevent cash flow problems. Another advantage of a cash flow forecast can also be to help you define the best moment to invest, such as buying a new expensive software or piece of machinery.