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Cloud Enterprise Management System provider YOOV tapped Euler Hermes as partner in trade when it comes to cash flow protection and business expansion.

YOOV Internet Technology (HK) Limited was founded in Hong Kong in 2016. In just five years, it has grown from a startup company to a workforce of over 50 today. Apart from Cloud Enterprise  Management System, it also provides workflow system, HR management system and catering POS system to local small and medium enterprises (SMEs), assisting them to achieve digitalization as well as upgrade and transformation.

Since founding, YOOV’s business took off quickly with sales revenue and customer base achieved rapid expansion. However, in the face of growing accounts receivables, payment risks heightened concurrently. It was then YOOV turned to trade credit insurance as one of the risk mitigating measures.

Through Euler Hermes’ credit solutions and services, not only are YOOV’s accounts receivables protected, they are able to assess the risks associated with each of their orders and relevant customers’ creditworthiness, which is particularly valuable when expanding overseas and new customer base.

All in all, YOOV has been benefitted from Euler Hermes' global buyer database and risk management solutions, and subsequently trading with confidence.

Philip Wong, CEO, YOOV Internet Technology (HK) Limited

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