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Large Projects Management

Take on large contracts with confidence you can provide a bond

Many projects will require contractors to provide security, often in the form of a Surety bond. The more complex the contract or consortium arrangement is, the more complex the provision of the security can be.

We have the experience and financial strength to support you in your large domestic and overseas projects no matter the complexity of underlying contract.

How can we help you?

Use our bid bonds’ products to support your tenders for public works. Bid bonds are the basic instrument of prequalification during a bidding process.

Advance payment
Allows advances from your client to be drawn down, secured by the bond.Allows advances from your Employer to be drawn down, with the guarantee for your client that if you do not fulfil your contractual obligations then EH will compensate losses in relation to the advance payment made.

Security against your contractual performance.

Get security for defects discovered during the warranty period.

Joint ventures/consortium
Bonds that are tailor made when involving a joint venture or consortium in construction projects.

An alternative to utilising banking lines, our Surety solutions will appear as off balance sheet solutions in your financials.
Improve your standing in the market by demonstrating financial credibility and your ability to meet your contractual obligations.
Work with our experts to get fast decisions and allow your team to focus on their core responsibilities.

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Your business partners may request guarantees before they will trade with you. You can rely on us to help you build lasting and successful business partnerships with confidence. When you take our bonding cover, we are an independent guarantor and take on the liability for you. Our bonds and guarantees have a high standing based on an AA rating from Standard & Poor's. Our correspondents around the world will use their market knowledge to help you analyse risks and put in place the protection you need. We will propose the best bond or guarantee after careful analysis and consideration of your business and the requirements of any contract you are bidding for. You can rely on us to establish the guarantees your business trading requires for international markets and to gain the trust of your business partners in markets around the world.