Export Risk, Bad Debts and Late Payment

Export credit insurance helps companies remain competitive by offering open terms when letters of credit or prepayment may have previously been the only safe way to do business. In fact, foreign companies buy an average of 40 percent more when they are offered open terms, according to the World Trade Organization. Sales can also be protected from political risks, including import/export changes and foreign government intervention.

Few companies can effectively compete without extending credit to their buyers. For companies that sell on an export basis, export credit insurance levels the global playing field.

Working with new countries means dealing with new cultures, rules and regulations to follow but they also offer the opportunity to access new markets and customers. Businesses must know how to manage the associated risks that come with exporting products or services.

Bad Debts, Late Payments & A/R Protection

What To Do If a Client Doesn't Pay

Finding, getting, and keeping customers is the challenge every business faces. Very few are lucky enough to have new prospects lining up at the door. However, how can you be sure that the customer, after all your hard work, will pay? What can you do to get a client to pay an invoice—and pay on time?

Suffering a non-payment event—whether it’s your first, the most recent, or the most significant—can feel overwhelming. Damage to companies caused by non-payment of invoices is never solved overnight. Restoring optimism and trust is an ongoing challenge.

Non-payments can actually add up and damage your company on multiple fronts. Even ignoring a relatively-small invoice can hurt your bottom line—especially if you depend on receiving a payment in time to pay expenses or if you rely disproportionately on a small number of clients, AKA “concentration risk.”

So what do you do when a customer doesn’t pay?
Knowing where to start is essential.

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