Euler Hermes
Hong Kong

With Euler Hermes Credit Insurance, you can choose the best customers and markets for your business, improve your financial health and protect your cash flow from bad debt losses. You can bid for more contracts, re-design your customer portfolio or launch a new venture.

We’ve designed insurance, bonds, guarantees, debt collections and other instruments that meet the demands of industries around the world.

Customer Stories

With over 45 years of business experience in chemicals, petrochemicals, polymers, metals, minerals, foods and agricultural products, Vikudha has built strong relationships with more than 400 suppliers and 600 customers around the world. Vikudha has been recognized by ICIS as one of the top chemical distributors in the world.
Vikash Adukia, Director, Vikudha

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Hong Kong started the year on a fragile note due to lower external demand – especially from the Mainland – a tightening of monetary policy and the cooling of the property market. Economic growth is expected to decelerate to +2% in 2019 (after +3.1% in 2018). However, looking ahead, we see a modest rebound happening in the coming months.

Policies: using buffers

Monetary policy is determined by the currency board that pegs the HKD exchange rate to the USD. Therefore, interest rates mirror those of the U.S. In that respect, Hong Kong’s monetary policy was tightened in line with the previous Fed hikes and this resulted in a rise of borrowing costs. Now that the Fed has adjusted its stance, we see an improvement of credit conditions in the short term.