A dashboard for sophisticated credit risk management using a suite of reports

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What is SmartView?


It’s a web-based risk monitoring service that gives you immediate visibility over trade receivables and a better grip on risk and opportunity management. With SmartView you will have access to a range of risk reports.  The clearly presented information and analysis will help you keep track of your customer’s creditworthiness and capture growth opportunities.


Data and insights refreshed every 24 hours for timely feedback and control of your business.


Valuable insights on the financial health of your customers and your own trading profile.


Use reporting tools to set targets, monitor outcomes and manage risk planning.

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We have worked closely with our customers to build a system that delivers excellent data for business results. It’s called SmartView and complements our trade credit insurance as well as other services such as internal fraud protection. Running online, SmartView builds on a powerful suite of proprietary data to deliver a risk monitoring service that users can align to their own needs. You will benefit from instant visibility of trade receivables, supporting tighter financial control and professional debt collection. With SmartView you will have access to analysis that highlights the key reports you need to monitor your customer’s credit position and financial standing. Your credit management team will find it an essential platform for managing growth plans while controlling financial exposure.