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Adapting to Challenges in the Current Business Environment

Businesses are facing unprecedented challenges in the current environment. Visit Euler Hermes to learn more about these challenges and how businesses can adapt.
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The Risks of Using Bad Debt Reserves

Disadvantages of Bad Debt Reserves

The soft costs involved in relying on bad debt reserves for your accounts receivable can add up quickly. Visit Euler Hermes to learn about the alternatives.
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Outcome of the U.S. Elections

The U.S. elections will spark a period of high uncertainty and market volatility until the end of the year. Choosing between the two candidates will mainly mean choosing be-tween a bigger or smaller federal government.
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CFO Pain Points, Challenges, & Trends in 2020

The role of the CFO is ever-changing, adapting to new technologies and challenges. Learn what issues CFOs are facing and keep ahead of trends with Euler Hermes.
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Fed Expects to Keep Rates at 0% into 2023

At its Wednesday meeting, the Fed suggested that it is likely to hold interest rates near 0% through 2023. It was the first meeting since Powell’s Jackson Hole speech when he announced the policy shift to “inflation targeting” which effectively focuses on pushing inflation up.
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US Jobs Report August 2020

The unemployment rate smashed through expectations of around 9.8%, and instead made an epic 1.8% descent (the second largest ever after June’s 2.2%) to 8.4%.
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