Using Credit Insurance to Expand Globally

Genetec Case Study

Genetec has enjoyed strong demand for its products and services domestically. If they wish to expand into foreign markets, they must learn to manage the company’s continued growth in a smart and sustainable way. Read how Genetec used credit insurance to expand globally.
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NAP Industries

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Credit Risk Management

Acer Credit Risk Management Case Study

A multinational corporation with global operations leveraged credit insurance to create its own credit risk management process that uses intelligence to forecast risks and potential customer defaults.
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Political Risk Insurance Provided Relief When A Large Invoice Went Unpaid

CP Shades Advisor Case Study

In the often volatile apparel industry, a steady cash flow and proactive risk strategy are imperative for successful growth. On the advice of Marcum LLP, CP Shades implemented credit insurance as a comprehensive solution to mitigate risk and strategically grow sales.
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Proactively Mitigate Risk and Grow Your Top Line

Del Campo Supreme, Inc.

Faced with the often unpredictable business challenges presented by globalization, changing consumer behavior, and key demographic shifts, Del Campo Premium, Inc. added credit insurance to its risk management strategy to proactively mitigate risk as it grows its top line.
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Expand Market Share in Foreign Countries

Fall Creek Farm & Nursery Case Study

Managing international business risks and checking customers’ credit became a hassle and slowed Fall Creek’s operations. By leveraging credit insurance and a more effective and faster credit management process, Fall Creek has been able to expand its market share around the world.
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Credit Insurance Fuels Growth

Ardwin Freight Case Study

A customized trade credit insurance solution helped Ardwin Freight significantly increase customer credit limits and stimulate sales. Read the full case study.
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Using Credit Insurance as The Foundation of a Safe Growth Strategy

Weston Forest Products Case Study

Faced with regular market fluctuations, lumber companies need to be particularly vigilant about the potential risks within their client bases. As the foundation of its proactive risk management approach, Weston Forest Products uses credit insurance to accurately monitor its customers’ financial health and protect its business against bad debt.
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Avoid Loss with Credit Insurance

The Staffing Edge Case Study

By offering member companies a credit insurance policy, The Staffing Edge was able to avoid loss and secure their accounts receivable.
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