I need help exploring new markets and securing export contracts


Few companies can effectively compete without extending credit to their buyers. For companies that sell on an export basis, export credit insurance levels the global playing field.

Export credit insurance helps companies remain competitive by offering open terms when letters of credit or prepayment may have previously been the only safe way to do business. In fact, foreign companies buy an average of 40 percent more when they are offered open terms, according to the World Trade Organization. Sales can also be protected from political risks, including import/export changes and foreign government intervention.

Maximize the Reward, Minimize the Risk
A growing number of North American companies are choosing export credit risk insurance to secure their overseas business. Our infographic below further illustrates how export insurance can help you safely grow your export business. For more information on credit insurance and how it works, click here.

The rewards of international trade can be great. But the risks can also be high. Non-payments have become more common as international trade grows and are difficult to avoid when you are trading in new territories. We can assist you at all stages when you’re planning to export goods and services or you want to open up new markets. We evaluate the financial health of your customers and prospects, providing specialist advice to help mitigate payment risks abroad.  Our export credit insurance, adapted to your company size and needs, will give you confidence of payment at the end of the contract. If you make a claim we will manage collection of the amounts owed to you. Our skilled agents understand the best way to collect payments in each country because they understand the local laws and business culture.  Our aim is to maintain good commercial relationships between you and your customers. We guarantee to optimize your debt collection rate and to indemnify you if the debts are not collected.