– Alp Benadrete, Managing Partner in Charge of the Home Textile Division for EDPA
Political Risk Insurance Provided Relief When A Large Invoice Went Unpaid

Ronald A. Chisholm Limited Case Study

As Ronald A. Chisholm Limited conducted its regular business of shipping meat around the world, a completely unprecedented, international situation occurred — with the potential to have major financial ramifications. With a political risk credit insurance policy from Euler Hermes, they were able to protect against the unexpected and had relief when large invoices went unpaid.
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Credit Insurance Fuels Growth

Ardwin Freight Case Study

A customized trade credit insurance solution helped Ardwin Freight significantly increase customer credit limits and stimulate sales. Read the full case study.
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Credit Risk Management

Acer Credit Risk Management Case Study

A multinational corporation with global operations leveraged credit insurance to create its own credit risk management process that uses intelligence to forecast risks and potential customer defaults.
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Rebuild After Recession with Solid Foundation

Specialty Forest Products Case Study

Caught up in an extended decline in the lumber industry sparked by the Great Recession, Specialty Forest Products suffered a significant customer loss and bad debt increase. Trade credit insurance helped jump-start its recovery.
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Expand into New Markets

Mircom Credit Risk Case Study

Mircom discovers the true value of credit insurance goes well beyond claims coverage, even with challenges like credit risk.
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Find Stability in a Fluctuating Industry

Utah Metal Works Case Study

When costs in the volatile scrap metal industry began to soar above historic norms, Utah Metal Works realized its strategy of using a bad debt reserve to self-insure was becoming increasingly inefficient and still left the company vulnerable to catastrophic losses. Credit insurance provided the company with the protection it needed, along with other benefits.
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Using Credit Insurance to Expand Globally

Genetec Case Study

Genetec has enjoyed strong demand for its products and services domestically. If they wish to expand into foreign markets, they must learn to manage the company’s continued growth in a smart and sustainable way. Read how Genetec used credit insurance to expand globally.
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Proactively Mitigate Risk and Grow Your Top Line

Del Campo Supreme, Inc.

Faced with the often unpredictable business challenges presented by globalization, changing consumer behavior, and key demographic shifts, Del Campo Premium, Inc. added credit insurance to its risk management strategy to proactively mitigate risk as it grows its top line.
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