How creditworthy is your customer?
Stop working blindly when it comes to extending credit to your customers and get the data needed to make strong business decisions. TradeScore empowers you to trade with customers and partners with confidence by providing a reliable understanding of their financial health situation.

What is TradeScore?

TradeScore is a platform that gives you insight into the creditworthiness of your customers or prospective customers. Euler Hermes assesses the financial situation of companies, and TradeScore allows you to quickly tap into our data to check a company's overall risk score. 

Our data is different from your average credit report — our unparalleled database of 85M+ companies is refreshed and reviewed in real-time by a team of thousands of risk analysts around the world and informed by the real-time payment information of our tens of thousands of credit insurance customers.

Know the Risk

Learn about TradeScore

How does TradeScore work?

  1. Search: Enter the name and location of the company you want to trade with.
  2. Select: Our database will return the best matches and you choose the correct one.
  3. Receive: You will receive an instant score of Green, Yellow, Orange or Red based on the company’s relative risk of non-payment.

Determining customer creditworthiness before you extend credit is an effective way to reduce your financial risk. Check out these resources to help you understand how to assess customer creditworthiness.


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