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Excess of Loss (XOL)

Protection against exceptional losses

Serving those who require balance sheet protection against exceptional credit losses, our XoL solutions are designed for multinational companies with strong and mature credit risk management, capable of absorbing a greater share of risk. The policy features non‑cancellable credit limits and country limits for 12 months.

XoL can be an extremely effective tool in helping companies to retain greater independence, rely on secure and stable cover and enhance operational performance. It leverages international risk management with high discretionary limit (DCL) and low policy administration and harmonises bad debt protection worldwide.

Products to harmonise with your business model and risk appetite.

Global access to our local expert teams. Seamless service with our instant expert knowledge anytime, anywhere.
High capacity for risk coverage and cash flow protection supporting your business needs.
EOLIS is an ‘always on’ technology platform that helps you manage all your trade receivables.

It’s a web-based risk monitoring service that gives you immediate visibility over trade receivables and a better grip on risk and opportunity management.
It’s a secure e-commerce service that complements trade credit insurance.