Credable is the low cost high value alternative to factoring and bank financing. Easy to use, instant peace of mind is one click away.



Get paid in three smooth steps.

Instant credit check

Use Credable for a free credit check on your customer. Based on their creditworthiness, we’ll determine the cost of insuring your invoice.

Insure your invoice amount

Choose the invoice amount you want to insure, pay by credit card, and get instant cover.

Get Paid

If your customer doesn’t pay your invoice, file a claim, just as you would with normal insurance, and we will pay you the insured invoice amount.

Secure your invoice.

Get a closer look at the situation

Do you know how likely your customer is to pay your invoices? With a free credit rating from Credable, you can feel safe with the deals.

Be on the safe side

Do not miss a good deal just because you are unsure whether your customer can pay. With Credables Credit Insurance, you know that the bill will be paid - if not by your customer.

Be sure to get paid on export

Export opens great opportunities for SMEs, but with them the possibilities are the risk of not getting paid and worries about not knowing how to handle debt collection abroad. Credables invoice insurance covers 25 European countries.


Let's talk.

Whether you're a new client or an existing relationship, Credable is dedicated to supporting your business.


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