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APIs and the art of code sharing

What do trade credit insurance and IT innovation have in common? Crêpes. Technical Lead Jean Burellier shares how following the DRY principle has helped shave significant time off software deployment time.
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Every voice matters prioritizing diversity in the workplace

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Full throttle innovation why intrapreneurship is key to a thriving business

Intrapreneurship is a system that empowers employees to behave like entrepreneurs within a company. Learn how you can do bottom-up innovation where you work.
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Heads come together and a bot is born

An effective way to keep pace with evolutions in software is through peer-to-peer information sharing. We in the tech community do this through “guilds”.
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Creating connections in a digital world

Digital marketing manager Chloe Bodros shares how she helps her sales team create connections with clients and prospects.
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Nurturing connections in a remote workforce

How do our remote teams stay connected? Natalia, HR manager shares how she nurtures connections.
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