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We work exclusively with businesses and their customers to assess trade and credit risk accurately. We also ensure measures are in place to collect payments due. We offer a number of insurance and collection services including protection, fraud, surety (also known as bonding) and more. For our larger clients, we also run an entity called World Agency, which is specifically designed for multinational companies. We’ve highlighted a few of our services below, to give you a better idea of what we deliver for clients all around the world.

What do we do?

Trade credit insurance and collection

We assess the trade and credit risks of the customers our clients deal with and ensure measures are put into place to collect any late balances. Our goal is to go beyond knowing what’s already happened, and provide our best assessment of what will happen tomorrow. With this unique insight our clients can better anticipate, analyse and respond to changes in business performance and market conditions, and trade with confidence in today’s competitive markets.

Bonds and guarantees

Our Bonds and guarantees services bring greater certainty to our clients’ international suppliers. Usually a bond is issued on our clients’ behalf, which lets their suppliers know they can meet their contractual commitments as long as they deliver. Our teams offer many types of contract, anywhere in the world.


We protect companies against the risk of fraud, whether that’s cyber, internal or external theft, identity theft, or embezzlement. We’re gaining a deeper understanding of risk and extending our expertise in response to the rising level of threat in the digital world.

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