We are located in more than 50 countries and 5 continents across the world.
We work exclusively with businesses and their customers to assess trade and credit risk accurately, and offer predictive protection. We also ensure measures are in place to collect payments due. We offer a number of insurance and collection services including protection, fraud, surety (also known as bonding) and more. For our larger clients, we also run an entity called World Agency, which is specifically designed for multinational companies. We’ve highlighted a few of our services below, to give you a better idea of what we deliver for clients all around the world.
We assess the credit risks of our clients' customers and ensure measures are put in place to collect any debts. Thanks to our unique insights, our clients can better anticipate and trade with confidence.
Our bonds and guarantees bring greater certainty to our clients' suppliers. By issuing bonds on on our clients' behalf, we let their suppliers know they can meet their contractual commitments. 
As the level of threat in the digital world is rising, we protect companies against the risk of fraud, whether that’s cyber, internal or external theft, identity theft or embezzlement.
Take our culture quiz and find out which one of our values you identify yourself most with. Simply read the scenario, choose the statement that applies most to you and write down the corresponding letter: A, B, C, D.

What’s most important to you when you join a new company?

A. Having the freedom to take ownership and learn from your own mistakes.

B. Working in a supportive team, and making sure everyone is at their best.

C. Constantly adapting to new trends and finding ways to stay ahead of the competition.

D. Taking everyone’s opinion into consideration when making a decision and encouraging people to be honest and speak out.

How would others describe working with you?

A. Is very proactive and always one step ahead, comes up with solutions before problems have even been identified.

B. A team player, always asks for input from team members and is very considerate of others.

C. Makes all decisions with our customers in mind and believes in going the extra mile to improve customer satisfaction.

D. Is always consistent and rigorous about following processes.

Your manager has asked what you want to work on in the next six months. You say your goals revolve around:

A. Learning more about taking risks and new approaches to doing things.

B. Learning more about helping others succeed.

C. Learning more about how to improve the customer experience and satisfaction.

D. Learning more about building a diverse and inclusive environment.

You have to make a decision in 24 hours but you don’t have all the facts. Do you make the decision anyway?

A. Yes, taking calculated risks and being able to reflect on my own mistakes helps me learn.

B. Yes, but not before I ask for a few of my colleagues’ opinions on the matter.

C. No, I am not comfortable knowing my decision has the potential to negatively affect our customers.

D. No, I believe in complete transparency. Following processes is very important to me.

A colleague has informed you that some numbers put together by someone in your team don’t match up. What do you do?

A. I take personal responsibility for the mistake, I should have noticed it sooner.

B. Set up a meeting with all the team members in my team and discuss the problem without singling anyone out.

C. Find a solution to fix the problem as soon as possible, and make sure it doesn’t impact our customers.

D. Let my colleague know they have made a mistake and work together to find a way to prevent this from happening again.