Corporate Social Responsibility

We are Euler Hermes, the world leader in trade-related credit insurance solutions.


With over 100 years as a leading insurer, Euler Hermes is committed to sustaining social responsibility and environmental well-being

We have a global perspective based on activity in most sectors and industries across more than 50 countries. Partnership with our clients, responding to business trends and building relationships are all embedded in our culture and our DNA.

Sustaining the communities we work in is a central theme. We link with charitable organizations and follow the UN Global Compact.  As part of Allianz, we enthusiastically share a code of conduct with all sister companies.

This commitment has been personally endorsed by the people working throughout Euler Hermes. They are eager to play their part and give meaning to corporate social responsibility as volunteers, through donations, sports activities and other forms of participation.

We channel our commitment and energy through four areas.

Health & Well-being

We have made a commitment to help combat poverty, social exclusion and public health issues through our corporate responsibility programme.

Our employees and operational leaders are encouraged to support and work with organizations addressing these challenges:

  • Fighting hunger and helping disadvantaged families locally
  • Appeals for international emergency relief 
  • Health and well-being projects and initiatives everywhere

Financial literacy

We are all faced with the need to manage financial complexity in our daily lives.

For business managers, economic uncertainty and shifting trends in employment are a constant challenge to corporate well-being.  We have the skills as a financial services provider to assist our clients and benefit society as a whole.

Our people are encouraged to share their knowledge of economic research and experience as volunteers on programmes that reach out to those in need.  

  • Teaching business and financial topics to young people in practical and true-to-life situations
  • Helping social entrepreneurs (NGOs) work more effectively and secure their long term future using OPEX (operational excellence methods)

Equality and Diversity

As a global employer working in many cultures and communities we are strongly committed to fair treatment and equal opportunity for all. The corporate diversity and equality policy is mandatory wherever we have business operations and forms a core part of Euler Hermes corporate social responsibility philosophy.

We give high priority to fighting discrimination of every kind, in every part of the business.

  • Gender equality: The proportion of senior roles held by women has been rising over time and we are determined to reach even higher levels.
  • Anti-discrimination: combatting discrimination is central to our HR policy and code of conduct. Recruitment and promotion decisions are made solely on the skills and performance of each individual matched to the requirements of the role


Reducing our environmental footprint is a central theme of Euler Hermes' corporate responsibility policy and part of daily life in our offices.

We have implemented consistent guidelines in all of our sites and facilities. The impact we make on the environment is controlled through standardized and integrated processes, including these measure.

  • Introducing best practice in energy usage based on green principles and relevant environmental information
  • Deploying high quality environmental standards when organizing office space, selecting new equipment and designing new premises

Over the next two decades we will be playing an active part in the commitment made by Allianz to the Science Based Target initiative (SBTi).  This activity will develop a long-term path towards the 2-degree target in both operations and investment portfolios.

Our business is built on supporting relationships between people and organisations, relationships that extend across frontiers of all kinds - geographical, financial, industrial, and more. We are constantly aware that our work has an impact on the communities we serve and that we have a duty to help and support others. Everyone at Euler Hermes is encouraged and supported in taking action to give back to the communities around them and to share the benefit of our skills and resources. As a financial services business, we are especially dedicated to raising the level of financial literacy so that individuals can live their lives in confidence and security. We are also strongly committed to fairness for all without discrimination, among our own people and in our many relationships with those outside our business