Your experience as an Euler Hermes customer means everything to us.

We adopt a truly customer-centric approach, becoming a closer and more enthusiastic business partner.

That’s why we’re so pleased that more than 8,000 of you
respond to our satisfaction survey each year.





By listening closely, we better understand your individual ambitions and hopes for your business.

It’s all part of our truly customer-centric approach which inspires all areas of our organisation – including product & services development, contracting, policy management and support.


Three major improvements,
thanks to your feedback:


Simplify account set-up procedures – so your policy is quickly activated and ready.


Improve claims payment processing – so you can swiftly make your next business move


Enhance guidance – so you can focus on growing your business securely

Together, we can have confidence in tomorrow.

“They just tailored their product to our needs – that was very valuable.”


As a trusted partner, we place your aspirations at the heart of everything – so you can move your business forward, whatever your goal. It’s a privilege to help so many businesses to achieve more and stay ahead of the competition. After all, it’s you who really makes us what we are.


Continue to provide excellent credit vetting service. A lot of times we get an approval of a customer for reinsurance and we get a rapid response

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For over 100 years, we have been providing insight and insurance to businesses that are trading internationally and that are seeking to grow both at home and overseas.  Entrepreneurs and business leaders know that they must watch the economic outlook closely and plan their risk management strategies carefully. An expert partner with access to local information and analytical skills can improve the probability of success. At Euler Hermes, we partner with businesses of every size, from small traders to global multinationals. Our success is measured by long term relationships and a steady growth in the value of the cover we provide over many years. We are committed to financial and insurance innovation at all times so that we bring high quality and sophisticated products to our customers